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Prestige Concrete Contractors is the ideal choice for you if you need quality concrete construction and restoration services for your residential or business facility.

We are here to transform your dreams into concrete reality, whether you are envisioning resurfaced patios and pool decks or new concrete driveways for your work construction projects. We are dedicated to finding the right solution for your construction needs.

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What Is Prestige Concrete Contractors?

Prestige Concrete Contractors is a highly trusted concrete construction company based in Philadelphia, PA. As an innovative concrete contractor based in Philadelphia, we have been continuously finding solutions for homeowners and business professionals.

Prestige Concrete Contractors has already successfully completed hundreds of projects on customized homes, commercial buildings, public and municipal projects, and housing projects. That’s why we are more than qualified to help you achieve your own construction goals for your home or business.

The work ethic of Prestige Concrete Contractors is based on the five P’s principle: “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” We will undergo a thorough pre-planning and scheduling procedure even before your construction project starts. You can rest assured knowing that your concrete construction plans are in capable hands.
Beyond planning, we will work hard to bring your vision to life. Our concrete plans for your concrete construction projects will certainly lead to concrete results.

What Services Does Prestige Concrete
Offer You?

Prestige Concrete Contractors offers a wide range of construction services, including concrete contracting, restoration, and repair. We are also known for our skills in decorative concrete flatwork and hardscape work. Here are some of our main services.

Concrete Contractor

We can provide you with various types of concrete services. We specialize in site concrete construction such as curb and gutter and light pole bases and bollards. We offer decorative and architectural concrete designs, including stamped concrete, etched finishes, crushed exposed aggregate concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, etc. We also do masonry work, which may involve CMU block, stone, brick and tile, and interlocking paver.


We can handle different types of concrete cleanup. We can help you with concrete repair and restoration such as concrete sealing, cleaning, coating, and patching, concrete staining, and ARMOR CAP™. We can restore the former glory of your concrete surfaces.


We can create a new concrete driveway for your home or business building from scratch. We can also resurface your existing concrete driveway to improve its appearance. We can effectively repair cracks, stains, and other signs of deterioration on your damaged concrete driveway.


We can create a new concrete driveway for your home or business building from scratch. We can also resurface your existing concrete driveway to improve its appearance. We can effectively repair cracks, stains, and other signs of deterioration on your damaged concrete driveway.

Retaining Walls

We can build retaining walls for your residence or business facility. A retaining wall is a type of stiff structure that is constructed to withstand lateral pressure from soil. It is commonly used in areas where there are changes or differences in ground elevation.


We can make a brand-new concrete sidewalk for your work building or your house. We can repair cracks and other damage on your old sidewalk. We can resurface your existing concrete sidewalk to enhance its appearance.

Cement Steps

We can create grand cement steps for you. Terraced stairways are the focal points of every entryway. We always make sure that we give you durable, well-calculated, and fully functional cement steps that are patterned according to your preferred design. We can also dress up your present-day steps with different design styles.

You can check out our complete list of services on our website for more details.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

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Hector Torres
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"Company was really professional, excellent work all around and a great team. My yard look so perfect with the concrete work they have done. Super happy with everything and highly recommend."
Luis DeJesus
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"My driveway has never looked so perfect. Give these pros a call and see what they can do for you."

Why Should You Choose
Prestige Concrete Contractors?

You may be asking yourself, “Which is the best one among all the concrete contractors near me? Which one should I choose among all the concrete companies near me?” Prestige Concrete Contractors is the wise choice not just because of our promises but because of our proven track record with our clients and colleagues over the years.

As a well-respected leader in the tree service industry, many general contractors, architects, designers, developers, property managers, and homeowners trust our company with their demanding projects. We gained the title “Contractor of Choice” among our colleagues in this industry which allowed us to provide concrete services with the same integrity, innovation, and quality.

Most importantly, we go way beyond the expectations of our clients and potential customers such as yourself. We make an effort to customize our services to your preferences so you can get the final outcome that you want. Based on our customer satisfaction and feedback, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our concrete construction services.




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